Pasteurized Sour Cherries

Pitted Fresh Sour Cherries, pasteurized without preservative in tins.

After washing and carefully inspecting, the fresh sour cherries are calibrated by millimeter. The sour cherries with a diameter more than 16 mm, are then being pitted, and filled in metal tins, usually with size of 4.250 ml, but other packaging is available by request of the customer. The tins filled with pitted cherries and hot water pass through the exhauster where the air from the filled tins is exhausted. After this process, the tins are closed, and then pasteurized in pasteurization tunnel. The tins are then arranged on a wooden pallet, stretched with a plastic film, and stored in a warehouse .

Labeling and Packaging

When an order is placed, the tins are cleaned, labeled, depending on customer needs then arranged by 2, 3 or 4 on a carton plate and packed with thermal foil. These packages are then arranged on a euro wooden pallet, and then stretched with plastic film.
Without packaging, one pallet contains 168 tins or 175 tins depending on way of ordering.

Nutrition Facts

100 g of product contains:
Energy kkal(kJ) 51,75 (216,37)
Carbohydrates 12,5 g
Proteins 0 g
Fat 0,5 g

General Facts

Shelflife: 3 years from date of production
Pittolerance: below 0,5%
Sugar/solid content: above 16% brix

Tins filled with pitted sour cherries

Filling the tins with liquid

Pasteurization area

Tins arranged on pallets after pasteurization

Tins arranged on pallets after pasteurization

Drained fruits after pasteurization

Download information:

Product specification pressurized sour cherries in tins

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